As you can tell, I started dabbling in aviation blogging a couple of years ago, sharing some views I had formed from my experience working in the airline industry under the moniker “5yen.” After a nearly two-year hiatus, I’m pleased to announce the launch of this rebranded blog, AIRticulate.

In this space, I will focus on new “new” CRM, which I believe will be centered around customer engagement and, on some levels, cultural relationship management. The airlines that can adapt most fluidly and successfully to the ever-changing needs of their customer base will prosper in this new world, and with more and more channels of consumer contact being created every day, I believe that the integration of a consistent, articulate brand message across these channels is more vital today than ever before.

I’ve picked up many great insights from an extra few years of experience, while also coming across some insightful, inspirational folks along the way, and I’m looking forward to sharing these with you moving forward. Welcome!


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Customer Engagement Strategy for the Airline Industry