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This blog began a few years ago primarily focused on Commercial Strategy, and has shifted with the times (and my interests) into Customer Engagement. As such, I have created eight categories that will capture the theme of each post in this space, defined as follows:

CRM: The broad umbrella of Customer Relationship Management as it pertains to the airline industry. This category will usually be assigned in tandem with one or more others.

Brand Management: Deliberate actions taken by an airline to impact brand equity, usually as part of a marketing campaign. One of the key points of this blog will be to exemplify how “branding” does not and cannot be managed in a bubble, but is instead the lasting impression left on the consuming public based on the actions of several interrelated departments and teams within an airline. As this idea of integration will warrant its own category, this brand management category will only refer to specific “marketing department” branding actions taken by an airline.

E-Commerce: Any electronic tools an airline uses to drive direct sales.

Social Media: An airline’s use of social interaction sites like Twitter, Facebook, and the like for commercial purposes.

Integration: As touched on in my Brand Management description, I will use this category to demonstrate examples of an airline’s need to coordinate traditional “brand” messages with other customer touch points, such as check-in, in-flight, call centers and other customer service channels. Brand messages may have that the specific purpose of influencing the customer’s thoughts and feelings associated with the airline brand, but in practice, these other touch points have just as much (if not more) impact.

Loyalty: Any strategies and tactics used by an airline to promote loyalty, most of which will be tied to frequent flyer programs and incentives.

Customer Relations: While any and all of the above impacts customer relationships, this category will focus on specific use of customer engagement tools to handle disputes, solve customer problems, etc.

Commercial Strategy: This category will cover more high-level business strategy, including pricing, revenue management, business development and corporate sales.

In many cases, a particular post will cover more than one of these categories, but I will try to be as strict as possible in assigning them to make navigation as simple as possible. And feel free to let me know, or dare I say, engage me,  if you feel any have been miscategorized. Happy reading!

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Customer Engagement Strategy for the Airline Industry