“Chicken or Beef”: Is That the Best You Can Do?!?

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3 Comments to "“Chicken or Beef”: Is That the Best You Can Do?!?"

  1. jlee says:

    Well, can you imagine yourself saying “pan-fried chicken with steamed rice or braised beef with cous cous” for at least 60 times if the flight is full? Unlike in Maccas, you have variety of meal selections, you cannot predict what the customer wants. Whereas in Economy class, you only have 2 choices, saying chicken or beef is simply straightforward. Due to time constrain, you have less than 30 seconds per pax to finish the entire meal distribution and collection process. Each crew will figure out ways to make the time as short as possible. Most travellers would be accustomed to this phrase, mentioning of cooking method and type of staple are not important unless being asked. You might even be trapped in the situation of being asked, what do you mean by cous cous? You want to keep the time as short as possible. When you are seated down, 2 seconds of reply seems a long time, and while waiting for 3 more seconds for the pax to reply, that’s 5 seconds in total. 5 secs x 60 pax = 300 secs, one could have finished serving 10 pax. Plus you are not the only crew along the aisle, you might have 3 more, once you begin to see the difference in the number of rows being served, you want to catch up so that your partner will not be doing your share of work, and then telling your senior, “she’s so slow.”

    It’s hard for passengers to understand this concept, but there’s always the insider woes about every job. I doubt the phrase “chicken or beef” will have significant changes in the real world, go to business/first class if it really matters to you.

  2. John says:

    Rather some regurgitated chicken, I think.

  3. imdb says:

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