How Mango Airlines has Succeeded in Customer Engagement (CEO Interview)

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  1. Ben says:

    This a very cool article. It really is amazing to see the creative and intelligent ways companies accommodate and adjust to various marketing difficulties. I think its pretty interesting to see the role social media plays even in a country whose airline market is so technologically thin. Citing a personal example, I recently used a ticketing online company called Ticketbud ( when I was selling tickets for a fundraiser I was hosting and one of the extra features was easy access and links to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. It was truly amazing to actually see how powerful social media was as I was quickly and cheaply able to spread the word about my events and various deals I was offering to so many more people than I usually could reach. Mango definitely took full advantage of social media and it looks like they’re reaping the benefits. Again, great article. Cheers!

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