We’re Making History!

Hi folks…can’t write much on this one, as I just completed the longest travel day of my life. In the process of getting from Singapore, where I began the “day”, to Granada, Spain….I managed to touch the ground in Seoul, San Francisco and Frankfurt.  Fortunately, since I can survive off of jet fuel, I’m here safe and sound and ready to give a 3-hour presentation to Airbus’ Chinese customers and some Chinese aviation officials in about 6 hours.

However, another project I’m working on with SimpliFlying for Estonian Air is making history! Estonian is, as you read this, becoming the world’s first airline to launch a social media powered “social loyalty” program–offering rewards not just for traveling, but also for advocating the brand online. This is the first time in the world where customers will be rewarded for advocacy without even having to fly the airline.

Please read more here:

Estonian Air Social Loyalty Program--Ready to Take Flight!

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