Presentation from ICCA 2011: Social Media and the Airline Industry

Below is the full version of my presentation at ICCA 2011 in Leipzig, Germany on social media and the airline industry.

My presentation, “Two Paradigm Shifts in Travel and Three Ways to Drive Results,” looked into how social media is changing the travel industry and what airlines and airports can do to leverage social tools to build stronger customer relationships. Like in any relationship, customer loyalty is bred from two-way communication, and while social media has given individual customers a stronger voice than ever before, it also provides airlines with an effective way to engage and understand them.

In this presentation, I illustrate how the “cult” is becoming more important than the customer, and how the traveler life cycle is evolving. While airlines are currently very good with the booking and travel processes, the new paradigm requires airlines to zoom out and understand the potential customer touch points that exist prior to booking and after travel. After introducing these concepts, we get into examples of how some forward-thinking airlines and other organizations are embracing social media to accomplish this.

If you’d like to follow along the Prezi, it is also available below:

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Customer Engagement Strategy for the Airline Industry