How to Follow-up With Your Customers Without Being Annoying…

Short post today, but I wanted to share something that came through my inbox from Zazzle, the custom-order t-shirt/souvenir (or anything really) online company that I recently purchased a few items from.

As social media has proven, there is a certain art to engaging with our customer, which requires the perfect delicate balance of persistance, relevance and restraint. Zazzle, who I have used before, is usually very good about toeing this balance.

After my recent purchase, however, I have noticed the frequency of e-mails picking up (They must be thinking “We’ve got a live one here!” (c) Commander Cody). While I usually don’t even bother to open these types of emails–not an indictment of Zazzle’s discretion but more the fact that I am on too many mailing lists–Zazzle was tricky. Instead of just another “subject”, their recent emails have read: “Did you get the order you placed? Just checking in…”

Talk about a way to get me to open that e-mail! Subtle, yet relevant, yet giving me the feeling that I can’t miss this message (even though I am pretty sure I received everything I ordered).

As airlines try desperately to think of creative ways to engage their customers, they could take a page from Zazzle’s book to customers who have recently flown. I’m not suggesting trying to con customers into opening a cookie-cutter, useless message with a misleading subject line. But they could creatively get a targeted marketing message in with a subject tied to one’s recent flight activity. How creative can we get?

Zazzle 2

Zazzle's post-order follow-up e-mail.

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