Video Posted: Airline Business NCM London

It took a few days, but we’ve finally managed to upload the video of Steven Klimek’s presentation from Airline Business’ New Commercial Models, Retailing and Merchandising conference in London (delay courtesy of poor hotel wifi connections).

The presentation below is entitled “Social Distribution 2.0(12)” (get it?), and the screen presentation can be found in its entirety here.

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3 Comments to "Video Posted: Airline Business NCM London"

  1. Joel Simmons says:

    The presentation was too busy, difficult to understand the sequence with too many case studies that seem to be placed randomly throughout the presentation. Think about crafting a more simple and cohesive message with some takeaways that the audience can use.

  2. Jennifer Kim says:

    I thought your presentation was one of the most relevant and insightful ones at the conference. I really enjoyed it and it was nice meeting you in London. Thanks for sharing!

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