Points for Thoughts: Virgin America’s Quest to Know its Customers

Despite the longtime popular awareness in marketing circles that communication is a two-way street, I’m still amazed at how many airline marketing strategies revolve exclusively around push messages. Most of the communication that reaches me is one-way: “we (the airline) are offering you X/flying to Y/or introducing Z.” But quite honestly, nine times out of ten, I don’t care. And if I didn’t work in this space for a living, too many of these messages would induce me to simply remove myself from the communications list.

I have come back to Virgin America several times in this space over the years, but it’s because I continue to be impressed with how they get so many things right. Their latest approach: offering rewards points for customer opinions. Seems like a novel concept, right? Is there anybody more important to know than those who have already opted-in to your frequent flyer program, and therefore have made it clear they want to engage with you?

Virgin America Points for Thoughts

It will be interesting to see if other airlines start doing a better job of listening to their customers, and perhaps even incentivize them to offer qualitative feedback.

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