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Creative Marketing: Candy as Payment?

How’s this for creative marketing? Train travelers using the Sanriku Railway network in Japan’s Iwate Prefecture can now use KitKats as train passes. The concept is part of a scheme by Nestlé to rejuvenate tourism in the northern province, following the devastating effects of the 2011 T?hoku Earthquake. Customers can buy special packs of KitKat for less […]

Boarding Pass Design Warrants More Thought in the Airline Industry

That air travel has become commoditized is no secret. Study after study in recent years has shown that for the vast majority of travelers, there is no such thing as loyalty anymore. Instead, purchase decisions are based solely on ticket price, fees and schedules. Still, this hasn’t stopped airlines from spending–and spending healthily–to differentiate their […]

Spirit Airlines Brings Back “The Weiner Sale”, With a Lesson in Virality to Match!

In today’s social world, airlines everywhere are looking for the secret to using social media to build their brand image, and ultimately loyalty, among customers. As with any public relations-related endeavor, the goal is to have their paid media (advertising) and owned media (social profile) activities lead to earned media, or buzz that consumers spread […]

Customer Engagement Strategy for the Airline Industry