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Airline Branding: Too Many Missed Opportunities to Capture Goodwill

Public relations is a tricky animal, especially in the airline industry. Air travel is extremely volatile–externalities like weather and air traffic control often work against even the best airlines–which can significantly impact a traveler’s experience through no fault of the airline itself. And when a passenger’s journey is disrupted, logic often falls by the wayside […]

Spirit Airlines Brings Back “The Weiner Sale”, With a Lesson in Virality to Match!

In today’s social world, airlines everywhere are looking for the secret to using social media to build their brand image, and ultimately loyalty, among customers. As with any public relations-related endeavor, the goal is to have their paid media (advertising) and owned media (social profile) activities lead to earned media, or buzz that consumers spread […]

Cathay Pacific’s “Blending Borders” Campaign: Engaging Customers from Hong Kong to Chicago…

Cathay Pacific has proven to be one of the better airlines over the past few years at engaging customers through online contests. While most airlines scoff at the notion of giving anything away for—gasp!!—free (!!!), Cathay hasn’t been afraid to do this. And of course given the collective time and effort made by contest participants, […]

Customer Engagement Strategy for the Airline Industry