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ROI of Social? How about $25m Annually…

KLM owes a huge thank you to Eyjafjallajökull. Oh, you don’t remember our Icelandic friend? The volcano that erupted in 2010 which left thousands of passengers stranded in the wake of cancellations? Perhaps it’s little known history by now, but Eyjafjallajökull marked the beginning of what’s now a $25 million-a-year profit center for KLM. With phone channels busy, […]

Spirit Airlines Brings Back “The Weiner Sale”, With a Lesson in Virality to Match!

In today’s social world, airlines everywhere are looking for the secret to using social media to build their brand image, and ultimately loyalty, among customers. As with any public relations-related endeavor, the goal is to have their paid media (advertising) and owned media (social profile) activities lead to earned media, or buzz that consumers spread […]

Plugged in with Aerolineas Argentinas: Creating Social Expectations

I flew with Aerolineas Argentinas for the first time recently, and was pleased to see the efforts they are making to engage customers socially.  Now let’s hope that the execution matches the expectation. I’ve said many times, companies do not need to be omnipresent in social media. But if they are going to enter into […]

Humanization is the Name of the Game for Tweeting Customer Service

Much to the chagrin of many European travelers, there is only one Lidia Stefanowska. But thanks to Twitter, easyJet’s Customer Experience Manager is seen regularly in all 118 easyJet destinations. As the leader of @easyJetCare, Lidia’s team handles customer questions and problems in real-time, and has earned high praise due to its ability to humanize […]

Special Airline Business Report: Social Media as More than a Tool for Marketing

The following article was written by Alex Thomas and published in Airline Business magazine on 20 February, 2012. A link to the original article is available here.  Enjoy! Given the rapidly evolving channels through which airlines can connect with their customers, developing a consistent strategy to maximise this opportunity can be problematic Cebu Pacific’s flight […]

Video Posted: Airline Business NCM London

It took a few days, but we’ve finally managed to upload the video of Steven Klimek’s presentation from Airline Business’ New Commercial Models, Retailing and Merchandising conference in London (delay courtesy of poor hotel wifi connections). The presentation below is entitled “Social Distribution 2.0(12)” (get it?), and the screen presentation can be found in its […]

Social Distribution 2.0(12): My Presentation at Airline Business NCM London

It’s a sunny Winter morning here in London, and I’m about to participate on a panel discussion with Ursula Silling, Founder & CEO of XXL Solutions; Rauno Parras, Chief Commercial Officer of Estonian Air; and Tom Bacon, Principal of Tom Bacon Consulting. Please view my individual presentation below, which highlights how social media is impacting […]

Who Killed Rico? Air New Zealand’s Clever Move to Phase Out the Loveable Lunatic…

Who killed Rico? That’s the million-dollar, or free round-trip, question. Air New Zealand’s fuzzy little mascot that crept his way into our hearts over the past year, and took a starring role in several of my presentations, was recently “murdered” at a party in his posh new Hollywood home. In a move partially designed to […]

Presentation from ICCA 2011: Social Media and the Airline Industry

Below is the full version of my presentation at ICCA 2011 in Leipzig, Germany on social media and the airline industry. My presentation, “Two Paradigm Shifts in Travel and Three Ways to Drive Results,” looked into how social media is changing the travel industry and what airlines and airports can do to leverage social tools […]

United Scores Big with Travel App

I have always had more admiration for he or she who makes a mistake, admits it, and corrects it than I have for the person who denies the mistake occurred. While I’ve been critical in this space before of United’s approach to social and mobile, I fully commend them for scoring big with their new travel […]

Airbus Air Transport Seminar China: Presentation in Granada, Spain; 20 October 2011

I’ve posted my presentation from Airbus’ Air Transport Seminar for Chinese carriers, which took place today at the M.A. Nazaries Hotel in Granada, Spain. This is a general overview of the state of social media in the airline industry, focusing on how social media has changed the traveler lifecycle and how airlines can better engage […]

We’re Making History!

Hi folks…can’t write much on this one, as I just completed the longest travel day of my life. In the process of getting from Singapore, where I began the “day”, to Granada, Spain….I managed to touch the ground in Seoul, San Francisco and Frankfurt.  Fortunately, since I can survive off of jet fuel, I’m here […]

IATA World Passenger Symposium 2011: Singapore

I will be participating in a panel discussion entitled “Let the Customer Find You: Delivering the Right Distribution Mix” at the IATA World Passenger Symposium in Singapore this week. IATA has been a vital player in “simplifying the business” of airlines, and hopefully this panel will provide insights into the evolution of distribution and, my […]

Icelandair Denver Photo Contest: Engaging and Effective Route Launch

I have been a part of route launches before, and I would say that for the most part, the only way the inaugural flight of a new route ever goes out full is if the tickets have been heavily discounted with promo fares. The ticket giveaway promotion is something I’ve been a proponent of for […]

Airbus Air Transport Seminar Latin America: Presentation in Miami, 04 October 2011

I’ve posted my presentation from Airbus’ Air Transport Seminar for Latin American carriers, which took place today at the Sonesta Bayfront Hotel in Coconut Grove, Florida, USA. This is a general overview of the state of social media in the airline industry, focusing on how social media has changed the traveler lifecycle and how airlines […]

Social Media Just a Fad, Huh?

This may not be directly airline-related per se, but the 5.8-magnitude earthquake that struck my native Virginia this afternoon says a lot about the influence of social media.  Facebook said that news of the earthquake appeared on the status of 3 million users by 1:55pm, just four minutes after the quake struck!  Twitter counted 5,500 […]

Cathay Pacific’s “Blending Borders” Campaign: Engaging Customers from Hong Kong to Chicago…

Cathay Pacific has proven to be one of the better airlines over the past few years at engaging customers through online contests. While most airlines scoff at the notion of giving anything away for—gasp!!—free (!!!), Cathay hasn’t been afraid to do this. And of course given the collective time and effort made by contest participants, […]

New Whitepaper Out Today! (Hint: Download it Here!)

How many times have you read  a whitepaper that introduced new vocabulary to the English language? Specific to the aviation industry? My latest one (done in conjunction with SimpliFlying) does exactly that, introducing a concept called “Airrogance“, which is essentially arrogance applied to the airline industry when airlines fail to engage their customers in a two-way […]

Feeling Like a Proud Dad…

As I checked in on Foursquare at Washington Dulles Airport this morning on my way to Chicago, I couldn’t help but notice the following display at one of the idle United gates: In light of the article I wrote in this space and on SimpliFlying a few months ago, I must say I was quite […]

How Mango Airlines has Succeeded in Customer Engagement (CEO Interview)

Everyone reading this blog, I’m safely assuming, books most of your airline tickets online. Without question, it is the easiest and most cost-effective way (for all parties involved) to make a booking. So it makes sense that a startup airline would focus its distribution strategy around direct online sales. However, imagine if you were tasked […]

Qatar Airways Employing Stay-At-Home Moms?!? I Think Not!

A couple of months ago I posted an article here and on SimpliFlying about how United Airlines made a major gaffe in distributing napkins to 400,000 passengers a day that invited them to follow UA on Twitter without specifying the exact handle to search for. When I got home and tried to oblige the napkin, […]

Presentation from Aviation Outlook Africa summit in Johannesburg; 13 July 2011

I delivered a keynote presentation today at the Aviation Outlook Africa conference at Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa today. My presentation, “Two Paradigm Shifts in Travel and Three Ways to Drive Customer Engagement,” looks into how social media is changing the travel industry and what airlines and airports can do to leverage social […]

What Constitutes “Success” in Social Media?

Live from Travel Distribution Summit Europe 2011 in London, this is an interesting debate we’ve been having.  Any thoughts?

Why Should I?

As airlines continue to grow into the social media age, there seems to be a common, clumsy mistake that will likely become a major point of contention in this space:  a call to action without a communicated incentive. Halfway through my flight from Washington (IAD) to Seattle last week, I received a special surprise along […]

Hooray, So You’ve Got A Loyalty Program…Now What?

Frequent flyer programs (FFPs) are expensive. With a total value of outstanding miles in the hundreds of billions of dollars, not to mention the operational costs of implementing, managing and promoting the program, the fact that every major carrier has a loyalty program obviously means there isn’t much debate at the executive level that the […]

Customer Engagement Strategy for the Airline Industry