Special Airline Business Report: Social Media as More than a Tool for Marketing

The following article was written by Alex Thomas and published in Airline Business magazine on 20 February, 2012. A link to the original article is available here. ¬†Enjoy! Given the rapidly evolving channels through which airlines can connect with their customers, developing a consistent strategy to maximise this opportunity can be problematic Cebu Pacific’s flight […]

Video Posted: Airline Business NCM London

It took a few days, but we’ve finally managed to upload the video of Steven Klimek’s presentation from Airline Business’ New Commercial Models, Retailing and Merchandising conference in London (delay courtesy of poor hotel wifi connections). The presentation below is entitled “Social Distribution 2.0(12)” (get it?), and the screen presentation can be found in its […]

Social Distribution 2.0(12): My Presentation at Airline Business NCM London

It’s a sunny Winter morning here in London, and I’m about to participate on a panel discussion with Ursula Silling, Founder & CEO of XXL Solutions; Rauno Parras, Chief Commercial Officer of Estonian Air; and Tom Bacon, Principal of Tom Bacon Consulting. Please view my individual presentation below, which highlights how social media is impacting […]

A Frugal Dad’s Perspective on the Profitability Challenges that Plague U.S. Carriers

As I landed in Zurich this morning pondering how I no longer can enjoy a complimentary glass of wine on an intercontinental flight (which will never be the case on Air France so long as Mr. Christian Herzog remains SVP Marketing–more on this to come), I was calmed down by a lovely infographic put together […]

Customer Engagement Strategy for the Airline Industry