Humanization is the Name of the Game for Tweeting Customer Service

Much to the chagrin of many European travelers, there is only one Lidia Stefanowska. But thanks to Twitter, easyJet’s Customer Experience Manager is seen regularly in all 118 easyJet destinations. As the leader of @easyJetCare, Lidia’s team handles customer questions and problems in real-time, and has earned high praise due to its ability to humanize […]

Improving the Passenger Experience 101: Efficient Use of Overhead Bins!

I’ve noticed quite a trend lately among US carriers.  In the great race for efficiency and on-time departures, they have started to–by default–claim that all overhead bin space is full about halfway through boarding, requiring all of the rest of the passengers to check their bags at the gate. Strangely enough, about half the time […]

“Chicken or Beef”: Is That the Best You Can Do?!?

I swear, if somebody says the phrase “chicken or beef” to me one more time, I’m going to punch them in the nose. If I’m a homeless man, maybe I can’t have such an attitude.  But I’m not.  I’m a customer, and I paid good money for my 12-hour flight from Tokyo to Washington. And […]

Airline Marketing Job #1: Ban the Phrase “There Is Nothing I Can Do”

It’s no secret that I believe an airline’s first and foremost “marketing” task, before a single dollar goes into fancy logos and brochures, is to take every step possible to deliver a consistent experience to each and every customer. While the nature of the business means that this is not always possible operationally (airlines often […]

Customer Engagement Strategy for the Airline Industry