Why Should I?

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  1. Matt says:

    Sorry, but this analysis is off the mark.

    First of all, not all advertising needs to necessarily be a call to action. Branding is an important marketing tool, which is why television networks like CNN constantly run advertisements for CNN…when we’re already watching CNN. They simply want us to keep watching CNN.

    Second, this actually IS a call to action, namely an effort to get us to “like” their Facebook page, a highly effective marketing channel where people will voluntarily sign up to be exposed to advertising that costs United little-to-nothing to operate.

    Also keep in mind that airline cocktail napkins have rarely been used to advertise anything other than the airline itself. United frequently uses them to promote new destinations or features such as Economy Plus. Yes, theoretically they could sell that advertising space to other companies, but does the airline really want to have ads for Chevrolet or some other miscellaneous brand floating around their cabin? If they did, then why not also sell the space on the back of the tray tables or the overhead compartments like Ryanair does? They reason they don’t is because it looks cheap, and United doesn’t want the same brand image that Ryanair does.

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