Qatar Airways Employing Stay-At-Home Moms?!? I Think Not!

A couple of months ago I posted an article here and on SimpliFlying about how United Airlines made a major gaffe in distributing napkins to 400,000 passengers a day that invited them to follow UA on Twitter without specifying the exact handle to search for. When I got home and tried to oblige the napkin, my search for “United” in Twitter led me to a Manchester United footballer’s feed.

Besides the missed opportunities to connect with hundreds of thousands on Twitter,  this lack of clear direction also left United vulnerable in the event that someone with a different agenda picked up and actively managed a Twitter feed under a name that could plausibly be legitimately United’s. Think about the possibilities that airlines use in terms of name format: “@United,” “@United_Airlines”, “@UnitedAir”….just to name a few. Can you imagine the PR nightmare that someone posting racist, pornographic, or other damaging types of information from one of those pseudo-United accounts would create?

Well, I have noticed that someone masquerading as Qatar Airways (“@Qatar_airways”) has provided a perfect example to my point, which you can see in the screen shot below. The handle has the legitimate QR logo, and even includes a link to Qatar’s Website in its description. However, if you actually follow it (as more than 4,000 do), you’ll quickly realize that these are not the types of tweets an airline would legitimately be sending. Still, its mere existence puts the pressure on Qatar to make sure that any communication encouraging travelers to engage them on Twitter clearly specifies the proper handle (@qatarairways), lest anyone think for a moment that Qatar is starting to dabble in helping unemployed moms find jobs. This is how careful you have to be!




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